My primary reason for visiting Kyiv; The Soft Moon's live show got cancelled so I had to experiment at some rave in Closer. Also, I visited a lot of churches full of all the necessary ingredients for some over-the-top trap artworks. Also, insert some *rave is religion* memes here and make this kind of philosophical. Two sides to every coin...

As usual, I haven't been that (socially) active online in the past few months, so it's time to make up for that with some new content created during that ('off') time. Ranging from new VERY RARE stuff, old project updates, random photography and overthinking of everything. All that with an intention to put 2018 down to the archives.

Organized by Univerzalni atelje uličnih umjetnosti at Mladinski center ULCA in Ljubljana, on Saturday, November the 3rd, I held an one-day-pop-up exhibition 'Some Deaths Last Forever'  showcasing some of the latest photography and design work, featuring some of the Chelsea Wolfe prints, as well as the negatives, and some work-in-progress The Soft Moon photography. The space also served as a showroom for my latest VERY RARE collection *Tomorrow was the Golden Age*.

After months of delays and 'figuring things out', *INTERNET MADE ME DO IT* finally happened; through reinterpretations of selected older work and also some completely new 'pieces'. The exhibition took place in the private apartment, completely refitted in order to be in tact with 'post-internet' idea of the event; each room was used, as well as the furniture. In some ways, the project was meant to 'reinvent' VERY RARE and basically 'start from scratch' once again.

The old VERY RARE site, or this blog in general, had various posts about the new VERY RARE releases and content. All of that content won't be available again in that exact form but you can revisit most of it through this little .pdf book, which contains all the lookbooks, 1/1s and some other extra stuff.