Organized by Univerzalni atelje uličnih umjetnosti at Mladinski center ULCA in Ljubljana, on Saturday, November the 3rd, I held an one-day-pop-up exhibition 'Some Deaths Last Forever'  showcasing some of the latest photography and design work, featuring some of the Chelsea Wolfe prints, as well as the negatives, and some work-in-progress The Soft Moon photography. The space also served as a showroom for my latest VERY RARE collection *Tomorrow was the Golden Age*.

After months of delays and 'figuring things out', *INTERNET MADE ME DO IT* finally happened; through reinterpretations of selected older work and also some completely new 'pieces'. The exhibition took place in the private apartment, completely refitted in order to be in tact with 'post-internet' idea of the event; each room was used, as well as the furniture. In some ways, the project was meant to 'reinvent' VERY RARE and basically 'start from scratch' once again.