“The Croatian photographer, designer, and art director creates work that is hauntingly minimal, laced with folklore, ancient marble, and psychosomatics… Harambašić creates an intoxicating exquisite corpse. Actualizing the dream was never the point—what is unattainable is often the most beautiful.”

“Sven Harambasic made VERY RARE, the first real streetwear in Croatia… Way before chic girls on the streets of Paris thought that pairing oversized hoodies and ripped jeans with a Chanel bag was a good idea.” (Buro 24/7)

„VERY RARE is not about clothes, but a whole lifestyle… Sven’s approach to creating is deliberate and wise; he designs by his instinct instead of seasonal trends and handles the whole creative process (including photography) by himself. His work is one-of-a-kind, rare and limited, often re-designed (in a Margiela manner), and presented in a unique way through interactive exhibitions… simple, unpretentious and world-class…“ (DIVA)

”…Sven Harambasic is a prime example of a person who shines with no-constraints creative energy and uses it in various innovative ways…” (Fashion.hr)

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Shows & Exhibitions:

Some Deaths Last Forever (Ljubljana, 2018)


*out of the memory* Pop-up Shop (Zagreb, 2016)

*some girls wander by mistake* (Zagreb, 2016)

Afterlife (Zagreb, 2015)

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