Sven Harambašić

“Sven Harambašić is a Croatian artist working in photography and mixed-media. Sven started as a one-man-band behind VERY RARE, the first real streetwear in Croatia, focusing on limited, rare and hand-edited pieces. Over time, his works kept the same DIY approach but shapeshifted into different realms, formats and mediums such as ‘zines, art installations and music videos, leading to collaborations with Amenra, Lingua Ignota, The Soft Moon, Moor MotherAbsent in Body, Zanias and DUMA. Sven’s work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Zagreb and Ljubljana. SSENSE magazine described it as an intoxicating exquisite corpse – hauntingly minimal, laced with folklore, ancient marble, and psychosomatics, while applauded his skill of blurring the line between online and offline realms in an innovative way.”


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