VERY RARE is my personal art project, serving as an outlet for whatever-I-come-up-with-at-the-certain-moment.


Over the years, it had been dubbed as ‘The first real streetwear in Croatia’ (Buro), ‘World-Class streetwear from Croatia’ ( Even though there were ‘full collections’ I’ve never let it fall into the trap of being a ‘fashion brand’ which behaves by the industry standards such as the calendar releases. The essence of the project was to focus on 1-off products, editing and re-designing existing clothes in order to give them a new life.


Most of the edits were done by hand; with markers, brushes, acrylic paint, patches and various other methods…


The project is currently on hiatus.

For more detailed presentation of VERY RARE, check the ‘archives’.


VERY RARE Releases:
Ambition / BLKSKNHD (2013)
The Portrait (2014)
Afterlife (2015)
Some Girls Wander By Mistake (2016)
Out Of The Memory (2016)
Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (2018)