A thin line between rainbows and machinery…

Four forever-draft posts eventually ended up as this single one. The postponing happened because I’m in the midst of working on a couple of different projects including a new stand-alone site for my studio, two new ‘zines, a poster campaign, and there were also a ton of new photos, so I wasn’t really sure what to put (publish?) where. Anyway, the ‘zines and posters will wait for the official launch of XIII, but here’s the never-ending collection of heartbreaking-impressions, chaos, random walks to the store and a whole lot of stream-of-thought-non-sense as usual…

Since so much happened in the meantime, I decided to skip my comments on the new work. I don’t like talking about it anyway, but you can find everything in the portfolio section, including sessions with Lingua Ignota, Zoe Zanias, Emma Ruth Rundle, new Kontravoid stuff and overall better organized Tomorrow was the Golden Age entry. The ‘zine is sold out in Motto Berlin too btw. so *insert celebratory comment here*.

What is also here is the another episode of “I hate concert photography but take photos regardless”. HTRK’s live show feels so intimate and literally breaks your heart. I took all of this photos during one song because one shouldn’t do anything but letting that druggy dub pop absorb you completely; so loud and yet so decent, soothing and clean. I was lucky to see them in half-empty Močvara, it felt even more ‘important’ (as ‘intimate’). Definitely a generation-defining band, or possibly the most important bridging-the-gap-between-generations band of all time.

I wasn’t lucky with a studio session we planned though, due to a cancelled flight. Next time.

As I was walking to the store the other day, I realized that iOS had an option to directly shoot photos in black-and-white (it even has two shades of it) so that seemed like fun (even though it kills that thrill of waiting to see the edit <– post-digital problems I guess) and I took these on the way there. I realized that I barely take any ‘worthy’ photos with phone anymore. It’s funny because I used to post ‘regular’ stuff on Instagram back in the day so there were always photos of architecture, details and black outfits (lol). Now I just use it for work.

To conclude this with more live music, the energy that HIDE’s Heather Gabel invests in their live show is just a thing to admire. Unfortunately, I was in the corner where, due to a stage setup, couldn’t catch both of them in the same shot, so here’s just a little glimpse of Heather bringing hell here, to life.

On the same night, there were two another shows; Kontravoid, which I already wrote about because his performance is story for itself; the best ‘dancer’ in EBM, the ultimate stage presence and Lost-Highway strobe lights as a cloak of invisibility, or a maybe a mask.

The ‘main event’ was Lingua Ignota (you can see the photos in the portfolio section) and if you thought that her music was cathartic then you definitely need to see her live; she gives 110%, physically and mentally and I don’t think my words can give it a proper justice…

I shouldn’t forget Anders Melts, a.k.a. DJ 4-got-10 who DJ-ed before, between and after the shows and, for my money, played some of the best sets that I ever heard in Urban Spree. From new stuff such as Fractions and all Yugoslav rarities, all the way to the tape music experiments and Coil’s ‘Tainted Love’ which went directly into the Lingua Ignota’s set (which opened with a cover of ‘Jolene’).

From now on, I will post music related stuff to XIII, from those vinyl diaries that I used to put on Instagram, to concert photos and comments, as well as some other stuff such as thematic ‘zines, mixes and essays.

Due to that, I feel like this post is lacking a lot of content I initially planned for it, but whatever.

Until the next time I guess… +

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