Nordic Rituals, Alter Egos and the S&M Basement

Wardruna performed their live rituals in Zagreb’s ‘Lisinski’ concert hall and I shot a little editorial for Routine Kyiv and Volchok in their basement store in Kyiv. Also, I had to play with ‘aliens’ again…

Wardruna played their first show in Croatia and I got listed for photography; the initial plan was to shoot portraits but there was no time so I got a ‘chance’ to shoot a show, which I didn’t really feel like since I’m not into concert photography; anyway, I shot a couple of ‘psychedelic’ images which kinda resemble the ritualistic nature of band’s live show. ‘Heimta Thurs’ was perfect, because the ending went into a complete madness with exorcism-screaming and strobe lights (out of nowhere).

In the meantime, the aliens and alter-egos never actually left my mind so I took a couple of self-portraits with some of them, and *self-portraits* are actually including me for real this time…

Finally, I went to Kyiv. I will do a full post on it in the following days but here’s a little teaser, shot in a basement Volchok store; the steel door, red lights, barrels (so you can’t get out) and a lot of S&M ‘imagery’. It looks like one of those tattoo shops where you get kidnapped in B-list horror movies, and I mean that in the best way possible because the place was instantly photogenic.


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