FLOWERS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM (Creative Direction, Photography)

Krešo Bengalka: FINALE (VERY RARE Bootleg) (Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Product Design, Photography)



+++ VERY RARE +++

*out of the memory* Pop-Up Shop (Creative Direction, Fashion Design)

*Some Girls Wander by Mistake* Visuals (Creative Direction, Photography, Fashion Design)

*Some Girls Wander by Mistake* Exhibition (Creative Direction)

VERY RARE 'AFTERLIFE' (Creative & Art Direction, Photography, Fashion Design)

VERY RARE: The Portrait (Creative Direction, Photography, Fashion Design)


+++ Archive +++

K.O.A. V Festival (Stage Light Design)

Psychocandy Party at GK Jabuka (DJ-ing / Graphic Design)

Urban & 4 Live Show (Stage Light Design / Photography)

The Planet // Interzone (Photography, Creative & Art Direction)

New Day (Photography, Fashion Design)

mapalma (Photography & Art Direction)

Owls (Photography, Creative & Art Direction)

_____'s Secret Diary (Creative Direction, Photography)

BORN TO KILL // KILL#2 (Graphic Design, Creative & Art Direction, Photography)

I Dream In NEON // Blue Turns To Grey (Video Editing + Directing, Creative Direction, Photography)

BLK SKNHD (Creative Direction, Photography)

Fresh Island Festival 2013 (Art Direction, Graphic Design)


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